rihanna tree 01 - geoff mcgrath photography - irish landscape

Life in a Hopeless Place

Fittingly, I titled this piece "Life in a Hopeless Place,"  because I'd heard someone saying that they thought the tree was dead.  Leaves continue to bud each year and to this day, the evidence of life in a barren or hopeless place.

rihanna tree - 02 - geoff mcgrath photography - irish landscape


Portrait of a Survivor

While my first piece of art was a true landscape with the tree forming part of the overall scene, I felt that I wanted to see the more of the tree itself.

Moving close more and more of the tree became visible.  I loved capturing this because the character of this beautiful tree became evident and I began to think about that.  This tree had seen countless years of being buffeted by the winds and storms of life and yet, in spite of it all, it still stood.  Not only that, leaves still budded, the evidence that life continued.

To me this became very poignant as I considered my own life and everything I had gone through up until this point and the fact that I was still standing and growing throughout it all.

I really connected with this concept and it formed the main crux of my decision to incorporate the Tree into my logo, which you will see at the top of the website.

rihanna tree - 03 - geoff mcgrath photography - irish landscape


Reaching for the Skies

This tree is often seen from the same angle and that's because it is most probably the best view of it.

However, I wanted to explore this.  I do not simply accept something without investigating it and challenging notions.

The tree is barely recognisable as the same tree, but I love this perspective, which again shows the detail of tree's bark and branches.

rihanna tree - 04 - geoff mcgrath photography - irish landscape
rihanna tree - 05 - geoff mcgrath photography - irish landscape


In Time We Shall Reap