Workstation - Ode to Hockney / by admin

A number of months ago, I happened to see a really interesting program on the work of David Hockney and specifically his thoughts about the use of photography in his work.  But who is David Hockney? describes Hockney as "one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century." For more information on Hockney, click here. For a period, he used Polariod as a medium and while he would never claim to be a photographer, got some interesting results. Check out some of his polaroid work here.

So, inspired by this rather strange format, I decided to give it a go.  I've shown it to Rosemary, my muse and got the impression that fluffy sheep photos would be more her liking!


Workstation 2 - Ode to Hockney


Anyway, its good to experiment and try new things.  One thing I did learn was that this is not something that's easy to do.  It takes time to plan out your grid properly as originally I ended up with stray images and no discernable border. Here's my first attempt...


Workstation - Ode to Hockney