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The Old Homestead, Co.Antrim  

This old homestead is a few short minutes away from Ballymena, the town of my birth and is one of the very first iconic views that I remember seeing as a child.


My father has been an avid photographer for many years I seem to remember him stopping to photograph this many years ago on the way to the seaside villages of Carnlough and Waterfoot.


Seeing it today, it hasn't changed apart from the addition of the tree which has now grown up over the years since my last visit.

I have visited this little homestead quite recent, back in the dead of winter in 2012.


I suppose there are a number of locations which would anchor me photographically.  This is one of them.  Another is the lone tree in a field in Co.Down, known locally as Rhianna's Tree.  I feel drawn to them.



Desolate Cottage


In fact, when I sit and consider this, for some strange reason I do seem drawn to isolation and lonely places.  Is this part of growing up as an only child?  I learned quite young to be comfortable in my own skin and with my own company and while I love the company of others, I don't need it.  I really love being alone.


Also, I believe that growing up as a child, as I explored fields like this around Rasharkin and Cullybackey with my cousins makes, I felt a certain affinity with open spaces like this.


To me, despite growing up in Ballymena town (I spent about 10yrs of my childhood in the town itself,) for me my homestead is summed up by memories of the countryside like this one.  My formative years and memories are of this scene, of Slemish and of seaside trips to Castlerock and Carnlough only 30 mins away from home.


I normally love and prefer black and white images but this time decided to process primarily as a colour image.  I really loved the fact that some sheep wandered over to the cottage as I was setting up and them seemed happy to be included in my record of the day.

I hope you love this scene as much as I do.