Frescos from Oxford Island / by admin


I've decided to share some of my fresco images from Oxford Island . This first shot was taken with my 11-16mm wide angle lens.  As you can see from previous shots, this one is different in that it is much wider and there was no escaping the harsh brightness of the sunrise.  I just love how this image drew me into it.  There is a certain focus with it as we're not distracted by the details of the pier's texture, but instead our eyes are drawn out along the old pier to the landfall in the horizon and the lovely detail.  The eye then naturally follows upwards to the burning sun.  I also particularly like the radial effect eminating from the sun itself, which then takes our eyes back out of the image.    At least, thats how I saw it as I was creating it... the natural movement of the eye... drawn in, then upwards and finally outwards again.



Fine Art by Geoff McGrath



The second I wanted to share was another fresco, this time a colour version of the black and white image I shared last time.

This image has many of the same characteristics of the previous shot.  There is much more warmth recorded here since I shot the image from the side and in this way more of the colour is captured instead of being bleached out by the power of the sun.  I managed to tone down the strength of the sun by diffusing its rays in the branches of the trees in the foreground.


Fine Art - Geoff McGrath



The final image for this blog is one that I have entitled, "The Talking Tree."  As I was walking down the winding trail towards the lough my attention was grabbed by this tree.  It wasn't exactly a "Burning Bush" moment, but, my attention was really arrested by the form of this tree and the beautiful space between the branches.  I loved the tonal quality that the warm morning sunlight brought out in the leaves and branches.


The Talking Tree - Fine Art Photography by Geoff McGrath