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Today sees the start of something special on this site, my Fine Art Page.  Right from the very concept stage of my Fine Art and Landscape images, I have had the intention to not just limit my work to solely landscape work.  

As the site progresses I may convert this page to a gallery.  My site is pretty much in its infancy at this stage so I will probably make some minor tweaks as time goes by.


So the first image I want to share with you is entitled Antique Elegance.


Antique Elegance by Geoff McGrath, Fine Art Photographer


My task was first of all to produce an image heavily influenced by a classic portrait painting and I chose the classic Vermeer painting, the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Part of my reproduction was understanding the image and the lingering fact that I came away with was that noone really truly knows who this girl was.  Some believe it was Vermeer's own daughter, others, a maid working in the household.




As I approached the second part of my task, I wanted to continue with that theme of mystery and yet maintain the connection with pearls.

Working together with a make-up artist Julie Gould and model Nikita Tully we came up with a few different twists on this classic theme.

Here are just a couple more images which came out of that creative process.



Girl with a Pearl Bracelet - Geoff McGrath Fine Art Photography


In this image I just loved the beautiful peaceful quality that I achieved by the softening of the image.  The contrast has been adjusted to give the photography a less dramatic and more atmospheric feel.

Covering one eye just adds to the element of mystery.  A lot of the little ideas such as this were honestly Nikita's ideas.  It was such a priviledge to work with someone who was really comfortable with herself and how to appear relaxed and at her very best every time.


Girl With Pearls 2 - Geoff McGrath Fine Art Photography



Deep in thought is the feeling this image gives me.... You are drawn into this singular moment in time where the Girl with the Pearls pauses.... and reflects... on a memory.   What was she thinking about?



Girl with Pearls 3 by Geoff McGrath


This last idea was one that was more of a fashionista / glamor shot.  We decided to push the boat out and do something really creative.  Something edgy and totally different from the rest of the things we had tried.

Of course, I had to ensure that we stayed on course as far as the brief was concerned.  I wanted to maintain the key elements of the pearls as well as the mysterious feel of the original.  The lipstick colour was also important as, in the original painting, the girls lips are quite a bright red in contrast to her clothing.

Of all the images that we achieved in this shoot, my personal favourite is this one, but I am always drawn back to rework the others because I feel they all have so much to still give.  The top image is the result of one of these rework sessions.


Geoff McGrath