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SWPP Highly Commended Award Pet Portrait by admin

This has been a quiet year for me photographically.  By that I mean that I've probably indulged my iPhoneography curiosity and this has been to the detriment of my DSLR work.  I was so glad to get out recently with my camera again since the academic year was rewarding but at the same time very constrictive.... by that I mean that I felt a lot of the creativity sucked out of me!  

What I was also painfully aware of was the fact that I had not competed at all this year in any competitions.  This frustrated me.  As I looked over some of my earlier images, I came across a few that I felt had potential and so entered them into the SWPP Monthly Competition.


Needless to say I was extremely pleased to receive a Highly Commended Award (which is the equivilant of the old Silver Award) for this beautiful image of a lovely wee dog called Alfie.  Sadly Alfie passed away almost 2 years ago in October 2012.  I know he was greatly loved by his owner Judy.  He was a lot of fun to photograph!  I've never seen a dog wag his tail and bear his teeth at the same time!!


Here's the image of Alfie....



Wee Alfie


This shot of Alfie is probably one of my all time favourite images that I've done.  Most of all Rosemary, Bonnie & I really enjoyed our day at Benone Strand in 2011 with Judy & Alfie and because it was something that was so close to our hearts.  Our little Bonnie is such a precious little dog to us, that we totally understood just how loved Alfie was!  Nothing warms my heart more than taking photographs that really touch people and we know that Judy just loved so many of them.  I felt it was a real honour to photography Alfie and capture his different looks!


Since 2011, I've entered this image a few times into competition. I persevered with it because I knew it had something special. Its nice to see that in the end, the judges agreed with me! Its not a Gold, but I am happy that its received some recognition finally.


I thought that it might be nice to maybe include a few more from our day out, so here we go.  I hope you enjoy them.  As always please click on the photos and select the share button and let others see my work.  I'd really appreciate it.


Alfie by Geoff McGrath - Pet Portrait - 04



Alfie by Geoff McGrath - Pet Portrait - 02

Alfie by Geoff McGrath - Pet Portrait - 03


Alfie by Geoff McGrath - Pet Portrait - 01