Carrickfergus - Seascapes / by admin

This past weekend I had the chance to return to Carrickfergus to shoot some new Seascapes. As I've already confessed, I love the sea.  The contrasts and blended tones that you can get really stand out when you have an equally impressive sky.  

Coastal Image from Carrickfergus overlooking Ballylumford Power Station


The first of my seascapes was taken from Carrickfergus Harbour looking over the wall towards Ballylumford Power Station.

The wall was so high, I had to raise my camera up on the tripod and hope it all worked out ok!  :)


carrickfergus seascape


This shot was taken at the end of a small jetty which was located near the Courtyward in Carrickfergus.  Both of these seascapes were taken there.


landscape seascape carrickfergus geoff mcgrath


I love the leading lines in this image drawing your eye around the shot.  In the distance you can see the old Radio Control Tower in the Harbour.   Something that I try to ensure in my seascapes is that I get really pleasing levels of contrast.  To me an image lacks character and depth without it.